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Lawn Care and Landscape Professionals:

We work with professionals to provide them with soil amendment products such as Quantum Growth, Our Soil Management programs and Compost Tea to enhance their service offerings. We can provide direct shipping of Quantum Growth and Soil Management products, or we can apply our program products for you as an application services.

We work with landscapers and their staff to transition to a Sustainable Organic Solution.

Agricultural Industry:

Whether your operation is food, feed, or specialty ag crops; a focus on the entire ecosystem within the soil will help reduce your input cost, improve water and nutrient efficiency and protect your most valuable asset, soil.

Community and Home Gardeners:

Many community and home gardeners wonder what exactly organic gardening means. Organic gardening, begins with attention to the soil. You regularly add organic mater to the soil, Our soil amendments and programs provide the building blocks for ideal organic matter in your garden

If you add good compost to your soil, you're already well on your way to raising a beautiful, healthy garden organically.


Schools are teaching our children and the community the importance of sustainable practices. Across the nation, implementation of green initiatives has become a major strategic goal for public and private academic institutions.

Sustainable practices in the school setting have expanded beyond “green” buildings and recycling programs. However, two major areas are still being overlooked … the campus lawns, gardens and athletic playing fields.

We will work with your staff to transition your lawns, gardens and athletic fields to a Sustainable Organic Solution that is effective, affordable and sustainable for generations.

Be a part of the dramatic shift from chemical soils to a Sustainable Organic Solution

Municipal Sports Fields, Parks and Playgrounds:

An ALL NATURAL Organic approach to the maintenance of your city/town’s playing fields, school grounds and public areas only makes sense. There is increasing pressure from advocacy groups, regulatory and legislative requirements and most importantly...your residents are demanding it!

Just as important, A sustainable organic approach to maintaining these areas is also fiscally responsible. Over time, costs will go down through fewer applications, less mowing, nutrient recycling and less environmental impact.

We will work with your staff to transition to a Sustainable Organic Solution and educate you on the products necessary to be successful. These are proven Sustainable Organic Solutions that are safe for people, pets, the environment.

Golf Courses:

Golf Courses need to maintain the health and beauty of the turf on both greens and fairways. It’s your club’s biggest asset! We understand the balancing act required from mounting regulatory pressures, demands by club members for high quality lush turf, and environmental concerns.

Reliance on chemical or synthetic fertilizers has put many golf superintendents searching for answers to issues such as:

• Increased pressures from regulatory commissions responsible for water quality compliance due to leaching and runoff of chemical fertilizers into surrounding wells & water ways
• Pesticide reporting compliance
• Health and Safety of golf members using the greens & fairways
• Health and Safety of the applicators applying the fertilizers and maintenance staff mowing the turf

We will work with your staff to transition to a Sustainable Organic Solution and educate them on the products necessary to be successful. These are proven Sustainable Organic Solutions that are safe for your course, your members and the environment.


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